केन्द्रीय विद्यालय आइज़ोल
An autonomous body under MHRD , Govt of India
CBSE Affiliation Number : 2300001 , Board Regstration Code:05901,School Code:1856, E-Mail kvaizawl@gmail.com
सतर्कता जागरूकता सप्ताह 2016
संपर्क विवरण
केन्द्रीय विद्यालय आईज़ोल , प्रोजेक्ट पुष्पक , जेमबव्क (मिज़ोरम) - 796017
Contact- 0389-2351128 & 0389-2351033


The Kendriya Vidyalayas have a four - fold mission, viz.,
1. To cater to the educational needs of children of transferable Central Government including Defence and Para-military personnel by providing a common programme of education ;
2. To pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of school education;
3. To initiate and promote experimentation and innovations in education in collaboration with other bodies like Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) etc.
4. To develop the spirit of national integration and create a sense of "Indianness" among children.
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    स्कूल सभा का मैदान

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    सामने का दृश्य

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    सीसीए हॉल

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    बाल उद्यान

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    साइड से दृश्य

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